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Thanks for stopping by our site. TagaBrewers, you can find all the information about TagaBrew here, what breweries have TagaBrew tags and where to find them.  You can even buy TagaBrew Merchandise (but not the tags/charms - you have to visit a TagaBrew brewery to get those). There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

TagaBrew National Events

All TagaBrewers are welcome at any Event (National or Local).  Events shown here are National Events (normally in Michigan where TagaBrew was created). However, visit the TagaBrew State page for your state to see if there are any local events.

You might even find the Owners of TagaBrew (Debi and Jim), or your local affiliate owner  at some of the events.


No upcoming events.

Tagabrew Wall of Fame

100 Club Members


200 Club Members


To be apart of the TagaBrew 100 Club you must collect 100 Michigan TagaBrew copper memory tags.  Starting January 1, 2020 this will be national.  All States will be included.   Please contact me when you Collect 100 and I will send you your Pandora like charm and a 100 Club Copper Memory TagaBrew tag.  


To be apart of the TagaBrew 200 Club you must collect 200 Michigan TagaBrew copper memory tags.  Starting January 1, 2020 this will be national.  So all States will be included.  Please contact me when you collect 200 and I will send you a Pandora like charm and a 200 Club Copper Memory TagaBrew tag. 

TagaBrew 300 Club is coming soon!!!!!

 Let's get your name on the Wall of Fame.

200 CLUB

  1. Kurt Torok
  2. Kathy Ogrodzinski / Steve O.
  3. Jade Krol
  4. Tommy Gittens
  5. Ashley & Bryan Reed
  6. Stephanie Rameau
  7. Jeff Godwin

100 Club

  1. Tim Belanger
  2. Stephanie Lynes / Doug
  3. Kurt Torok
  4. Kathy Ogrodzinski / Steve O
  5. Amy Kirkman
  6. Herman Caplinger
  7. Angel Temple / Bruce
  8. Todd Nash
  9. ​Sandy​
  10. Jason Price
  11. Jade Krol
  12. Tommy Gittens
  13. Joanne Jones
  14. Samantha Bestie
  15. Jeff Godwin
  16. Stephanie Rameau
  17. Elise Kraft
  18. Deb Roels
  19. Denise Saint Arnault
  20. Jeff Priskon
  21. Gail Winsor
  22. Stacey Rennee
  23. Linda Waldron
  24. Mark Waldron
  25. Emily Bright
  26. Lynda Wert
  27. Stacey Boals
  28. Cassandra Horstman / Jay
  29. ​Carolyn Vandenbeldt
  30. Joseph Todd
  31. Sue Hubartt
  32. Jason Todd
  33. Rich Long
  34. Cheryl Stewart
  35. Jennifer Matthews / Ken
  36. Karen Weller
  37. Jo Avrlett
  38. Bonnie Zaidel / John
  39. Kemberly LaRowe
  40. ​Sarah Rollenhagen
  41. Chrissy Berlin
  42. Jamie Richardson
  43. Heather Sommer
  44. William Maracle
  45. Mark Foley "the App Guy"
  46. ​Nick Wilkins
  47. ​Mark Isaquirre
  48. ​Michelle Crisp
  49. ​Ashley Reed / Bryan
  50. ​Sharon Fischer
  51. Jeff Taft
  52. ​Megan Campbell
  53. Vanessa Trevorrow
  54. Brian Congdon
  55. Malissa Sherman
  56. Jeff & Cindy Onkka
  57. Jessica & Chris Storms
  58. ​Caye & John Martel
  59. ​Alexandra Potter
  60. Kristine Marsai
  61. Anthony Vincent
  62. ​Tammie Oates
  63. ​John Eldred
  64. Najatta Miller
  65. Jim & Sharri Symons
  66. Tim Duffy
  67. Craig & Cheryl  Krausmann
  68. Jodi Michela
  69. Mike Michela
  70. Tammy Adams
  71. Darin  LaFave
  72. Vikki LaFave
  73. Rich Glesmer
  74. Robin Glesmer
  75. Anna Fleeman
  76. Sean Parks
  77. Irici Rodriguez
  78. Sue Miller
  79. Scott Miller
  80. Kathy Roberts
  81. Jeff

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