TagaBrew USA Brewery Trail

TagaBrew is a copper memory tag you collect as you brewery hop!     

  Come TagaBrew with us! beer trail brewery trail


Information for TagaBrewers

Information for TagaBrewers

Information for TagaBrewers


Want to see where TagaBrew tags can be had, find out where events are being held, order TagaBrew merchandise or just want more information, click the button below to check out the TagaBrew Trail. brewery trail beer trail

Information for Breweries

Information for TagaBrewers

Information for TagaBrewers


If you are a brewery and want to know more about how TagaBrew can work for you, find out how to sign up or want to order more tags, click the button below and join the growing TagaBrew Community. brewery trail beer trail

What is TagaBrew?

The Brewery Hopping Copper Memory Tag

TagaBrew is a copper memory tag you collect as you brewery hop!  

Purchase a 27" chain: (TagaBrew brewery tag, state charm and beer bottle charm) at your first stop then you add tags and charms as you travel the trail.  

The 27" chain with copper tag and a charm is normally $5.00 to $6.00

The 4" chain with copper tag only is normally $2.00

(Please note: Some TagaBrew Breweries set prices other than above)

The 4" chain and tag is also great for Growlers or Mugs!!

The 27" chain is made in the USA and is the same chain that is used for our Military dog tags. beer trail - brewery trail.

TagaCheer is a sidekick to TagaBrew!  Breweries with the letters W C M D S next to the breweries name!

The 8in. gold chain with a TagaCheer Tag, cheer charm and  spacer bead!  only  $5.00

W  Wine   C  Cider   M Meads   D Distillery   S sparkling

Special Edition Brass TagaBrew Tags: Any TagaBrew Tag that is BRASS and has TagaBrew on it!  Collect as their will be a big prize at the TagaBrew Celebration In May of 2021.  

TagaBrew Trail

Click a state to view that states trail.

Michigan, Colorado, Florida

Georgia, Illinois, Indiana

Kentucky, Ohio

Tennessee,  Wisconsin

About Us


We are Jim and Debi Steward and we choose to live life to its fullest!

After being married for 30 years and raising two daughters, Debi's husband passed away with that crappy disease we all call cancer.

Debi then met and married Jim, a life long bachelor.

We have been married since 2009.

Jim and I are 6 years apart, making me a cougar!

My two daughters and sons in law have given us 5 grandchildren.

We only drink craft beer, and enjoy the adventure of finding new breweries!

So in 2014 we created TagaBrew.

Each brewery is one of a kind, yet we have experienced one big family on the TagaBrew Trail.

TagaBrewing is what we love to do.

We hope to see you on the TagaBrew Trail.

"Don't you think it's time you got your TagaBrew on?"

~Debi beer trail brewery trail

Want to Join our team?

Interested in Joining the TagaBrew Team?   We're looking for a little help growing outside of Michigan.  

Contact Mike at: beer trail brewery trail


Hi, we're Debi (CFO) and Jim (CEO) of TagaBrew​ beer trail brewery trail


Hello I'm TagaBrew Mike beer trail brewery trail


Hey, I'm Mark, the TagaBrew App Guy beer trail brewery trail

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TagaBrew USA

Gobles, Michigan, United States


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